What makes a succesfull package design ?

How many times have you searched desperately through the shelves, trying to identify a shape or a color of a particular product? And, finally, bored of so many pictures you started to read the headlines.
What makes a succesfull package design ? First, it must be consistent with brand positioning and what the brand stands for – the design should express the brand story accurately. The second aspect of a successful package is that the design is relevant to the specific consumer the brand is targeting. Third, the package has to be distinctive and attractive - have a specific design, shape or color, cleary differentiated from the other option available to the consumer. And lastly, the design has to be well-integrated with the other communication vehicles. The brand will be expressed online, in advertising, in-store, etc, so a package is only successful if it works effectively with these other communication vehicles in a unified way.

Service: Packaging Design, Graphic Design

Categories: Packaging Design, Brand Design, Illustration Design, Visual Identity

Audience: Food & Gourmet, Beauty, Health Care, Medical & Pharma, Beverages, Sauces, Snacks & Technology

Style: vintage, traditional, modern, minimalist, elegant and playful

Additional Services: PRE-PRESS and PROTOTYPING