Jokoni - Food & Condiments

Logo Design / Graphic Design

Jokoni Trade and Consulting is a food trading company based in Brussels Area, Belgium and founded in 2014. Its activities mainly focuses on food and condiments cross trading between Asia, Europe and Africa. Their products are carefully sourced, imported and distributed on Belgian market.
The client requirements were: Not to be too conservative or serious but instead elegant, feminine and memorable. Housewifes are the main target.
The solution: Generally women adores the characters that are gentle and colorful. The bird that carrying a tree branch (spice leaves) is often present in islamic - turkish / persian culture. But it's well known that the arabs were trade travelers. "The bird takes care about the nest" / family and also is a divine messenger. The chosen character also illustrate the main specific of the company - food and spices distribution.

Client: Jokoni Trade & Consulting BNBA, Brussels Belgium

Project: Logo Design

Style: Traditional

Categories: Logo Design, Visual Identity

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