Design Brief

It helps us better understand your goals and objectives in order to provide the suitable design for your business.
First, we want to thank you for your decision. Now, all you have to do is to send us your contact details and the project brief.
You can make a short description, or take a minute to follow the below guide–lines. Thanks!

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* Company Profile — It is helpful to us if you could also mention few informations about Company Profile (please provide a summary and a brief history of your business. Where you started, where you are and where you will be);
* Market Position — Who are the main competitors?
* Marketing/Advertising Campaigns — Please describe any previous and present communication and marketing activity done for your business (i.e. research, advertising, direct mail, graphic design, public relations etc.);
* Communication Task — “The Message” — Product information and the benefits. What is the specific message to be delivered to the audience? If there is one ... Every product has a story. People love stories (i.e. the Argan Oil story, with seeds carefully collected and crushed by the Berber women);
* Target Market — What are your audience’s demographics? (i.e. the age, gender, income, employment, geography, lifestyle of those you wish to reach);
* Schedule and Deadline — From start to finish, a typical design project runs over a period of at least one month. Bigger projects usually require more time. The following phases comprise a general overview of our design process: – Consultation (research, strategy) – Creation (concept and design development) – Production (artwork and print procurement) – Presentation/Review (client feedback) – Delivery (file handover);
Considering the above design process, what is your schedule for when you would like to have final delivery?
* Attachments — If you have useful files you can send to the following email address:

We will contact you as soon as we review your message.

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